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Jay Z And Beyonce Lose Battle To Trademark Daughters Name. Beyonce and Jay Z had filed legal papers to protect their daughters name soon after her birth in January in order to launch a range of baby products and clothes with . Just two days after Beyonce and Jay-Zs baby was born, Joseph Mbeh (fashion designer) tried to trademark Blue Ivy Carter NYC for a fragrance Another company also tried to patent the babys name. Wondering what kind of parents Beyonce and Jay-Z are? Helicopter? Free spirits? Disciplinarians?spent three weeks in their doting new roles before they saw fit to file paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office seeking to protect the good (and potentially lucrative) name of their baby girl. Beyonce JAY Zs Baby Twins Super Unique Names Revealed. By admin. 2017-06-22.Beyonce and Jay-z trademark the name of their twins! Congrats to both of them. beyonce. After several false alarms and false hopes, the real names of Beyonc and Jay-Zs twins may finally have been revealedto trademark his childrens names: "People wanted to make products based on our childs name and you dont want anybody trying to benefit off your babys name." Beyonce and Jay Z appear to have announced the names of their newborn twins! Find out what they decided to name Blue Ivys little brother and Why did JAY-Z and Beyonc trademark their twins names? Well, its actually just good business.While trademarking the names of babies may seem odd to your average person, its really not in the world of Jay and Queen Bey. blues-name-thwarted-by-boston-firm cachedoct , index z have filed color post jay-z Entrepreneurs trademark -month-old daughter of parents beyonc mmhmm song, Index beyonce-and-jay-z-to-trademark-baby-name cachedfeb , oct , , blue-ivy-gets Beyonc and Jay-Z Introduce Blue Ivy. Beyonce And Jay-Zs New Baby Girl: What Will She Wear? Watch Beyonc And Jay Z Get Matching Finger Tattoos. Beyonc, Jay-Z Move to Trademark Baby Blue Ivys Name. Getty Images/Al Bello. .Okay, this story definitely wins the weird news of the day award Getty Images/Al Bello. . Jay-Z and Beyonce are moving towards trademarking their babys name Blue Ivy Carter. Um, okay .

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The trademark will reserve her name for future use of items like "baby carriages, baby cosmetics and diaper bags." Beyonc and Jay Z reportedly name their babies Rumi and Sir.According to TMZ, the trademarks are for cosmetics, baby items and all sorts of other novelties. The news of their babies names comes less than a day after Jay Z released his new album 4:44 that contains several lyrics seeming to Did Beyonce and JAY - Z s Twins Names Just Get Revealed ? - www.etonline.com. Those are the names it appears Beyonce and JAY - Z gave their twin babies in recently filed trademark paperwork obtained by ET. Beyonc and Jay-Z have filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect the name of their infant daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. The new parents have plans to reserve their childs name for possible use as a brand name for a line of baby-related products, including carriages Beyonce, Jay-Z Move to Trademark Babys Name Blue Ivy Carter.Beyonce and Jay - z trademark the name of their twins! Congrats to both of them. Beyonce And Jay Zs Twins Finally Released From Hospital | Lehren Hollywood - Duration: 1:25.Beyonce names twins RUMI CARTER SIR CARTER! Jay Z and Bey are gonna trademark their children! Beyonce and Jay-Z have reportedly named their baby twins Rumi and Sir Carter.According to TMZ, Rumi and Sir Carter were revealed as the names after a company owned by the couple filed legal documents to secure trademark rights to the names. Beyonce and JAY-Z have picked out two of the most unique names weve ever heard for their newest additions! Find them out here!The trademarks in the legal docs are for fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags The names of Beyonc and Jay-Zs twins have been revealed.According to the filing, they requested trademarks to be used for various merchandise, including baby teething rings, baby carriages and strollers. TMZ reported that Beyonc and Jay-Zs company has filed documents to trademark the names for products including fragrances, cosmetics, baby gear, tote bags and water bottles. As TMZ reported, Rumi shares a name with the 13th century Persian poet. Trademark filing documents show Beyonce and Jay-Z have called claims on unusual monikers.Among the goods and services listed as being covered by the newly trademarked names are baby teething rings, baby carriages and baby strollers, plus such items as cosmetic products, books, bagsand Houston, weve put together a list of baby names Beyonce and Jay Z should have definitely put on their short listIt sounds like the title track from Jay Zs .Sir Rumi Carter. Entertainment super-couple Beyonc and Jay-Z have lost a court battle to trademark their daughters name. Blue Ivy, Jay Z and Beyonc - now the baby twins can play their part in building the Carter empire.Unlike us mere mortals, the first place celebrities register the names of their children is in the trademark office and not the births, marriages and deaths office. Blue Ivy Carter could spawn a naming phenomenon -- but thats not the only thing the famous baby has inspiredThe federal government is moving swiftly to trademark the tots moniker. I guess baby name trademarks are something that us non-celebrity parents dont have to worry about!Well have to wait and see if Beyonc and Jay-Zs seal of approval sends the names Rumi and Sir soaring in the months to come. Beyonce and Jay-Z want to control any green made off their beloved baby Blue. The proud parents filed a Jan. 26 application to trademark the name "Blue Ivy Carter," their infant daughters now world-famous moniker. By the time Beyonc and Jay-Zs newborn twins Sir and Rumi debuted on Instagram, Beyonce had already applied to trademark their names. The June 26 applications seek the exclusive right to use the twins names — Sir Carter and Rumi Carter — on everything from baby teething rings to musical Rolling Stone magazine reports the U.

S. Patent and Trademark Office has denied their petition, which they filed soon after Blue Ivy was born in January.Jay-Z and Beyonc already caught some flak earlier this year for giving their daughter an unusual name. Beyonce and Jay Z have named their twins Sir and Rumi according to reports.Posting a photo of balloons he added: "Theyre here!beyonce twins jayz happybirthday." Reporting the news a source told People magazine the music couple are over the moon with their baby news. It sounds like Beyonce and Jay-Z have decided to name their newborn twins Rumi Carter and Sir Carter.Five years ago, the Carters attempted to trademark the unique name of their first child, Blue Ivy.So far, there is still no official word from Beyonce or Jay-Z regarding the babies or their names. One of Beyonc and JAY-Zs newborns, Rumi Carter, is likely named after a 13th century Persian poet.What to Know About Rumi, the Poet Beyonc and JAY-Z Named Their Baby After. Musicians hoped to reserve Blue Ivy for a brand of baby products, despite a company already existing with that name. Beyonce and Jay-Z have named their twins Rumi and Sir Carter.The website added that the trademarks are for "fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls, rattles and novelty items". Home » Celebrities » Jay-Z Beyonce Trademark Blue Ivys Name.Shes only a few weeks old but Beyonce and Jay-Zs baby girl, Blue Ivy, is already getting trademarked! I had no idea it was even possible to trademark a childs name, but it seems this couple already didTheres even an apparent risk that, by trademarking the names now, if these celebrity babies growSure, Jay-Z and Beyonce have given birth to these children, have parental rights and duties, and Im TMZ reports trademark applications were filed for the two names. Both applications were signed by Beyoncs mother. It looks like Beyonc and Jay-Zs twins names may have been revealed.More: Beyonce Jay Z Baby. New parents BEYONCE and JAY-Z have filed a trademark application to protect their daughter BLUE IVYs name.Kylie Jenner Instagram: Star flaunts voluptuous curves in thong as she reveals baby Stormi. Kevin Smith heart attack: Silent Bob star returns home following MASSIVE health scare. Beyonc and Jay Zs twin baby names revealed.The proud parents let the cat out of the bag on Friday, when they filed legal documents to trademark the names Rumi Carter and Sir Carter through their family company. Our "Southern comfort" room thats a queen size canopied bed with a posturepedic mattress. Jay z and beyonce baby name trademark. Have lost a battle to first couple, jay havefeb. Beyonc and Jay Z appear to have named their twins — or at least the company that trademarked Blue Ivy Carters name has applied to trademarksports gear, clothing, hair accessories, beauty products such as cosmetics and fragrances, entertainment services and, of course, baby products. Beyonc And Jay Z Lose Battle To Trademark Name Of Baby Image GalleryBeyonc 233 and jay-z lose fight to trademark name of babyJay-z beyonce lose trademark battle for blue ivy name Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to take action recently by filing an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. And with good reason: two people have already submit applications to trademark the name "Blue Ivy." baby name blue beyonce-and-jay-z-lose-bid-to-trademark-blue-ivy cached Jay-z-and-beyonce-cant-trademark-their-kids-nameb oct cant trademark showbiz celebrity couple Jayzandbeyoncelosecopyrightbattle cached oct cached oct of two parents aarthi agarwal marriage She appeared on her fathers single at just a few hours old, so it comes as no surprise that Beyonc and Jay-Zs daughter Blue Ivy is a brand in the making. According to reports in the US, the new parents have moved to trademark their one-month-old babys name. Beyonce and Jay-Z have lost a court battle to trademark their daughters name. Hip-hops golden couple wanted to trademark the name Blue Ivy to launch a line of baby products shortly after the birth of their first child in January 2012, Boston Fox reports. Just a month after Beyonc and Jay-Z welcomed baby Blue Ivy, the business savvy parents have filed an application with the U.S Patent and Trademark offices to protect their daughters name. On top of her debut on the billboard charts just weeks after she was born San Diego While it is not surprising to see the wide variety of unique baby monikers popping up everywhere, some may see it as surprising to see that Beyonce and Jay-Z have recently trademarked their newthe use of a babys name for product branding the incentive for Trademark protection. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled Jay-Z and Beyonce cant trademark the name.The superstar couple filed a petition to trademark the name "Blue Ivy" shortly after their daughter was born in January, seeking to reserve it for use as a possible brand name for a line of baby-related products