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Внешние данные HTC One M9 и LG G4. Представитель компании HTC размещается в меньшем корпусе, нежели его оппонент LG, но при этом явным преимуществом является холодная металлическая оболочка, фронтальные динамики по обеим сторонам HTC One M9: Super LCD 3 LG G4: IPS LCD. Большое разрешение экрана.Мощный процессор. HTC One M9: 3500 МГц LG G4: 1800 МГц. Много оперативной памяти. We compare specs and pricing for the LG G4 and the HTC One M9.If youre trying to decide which one to buy, heres a side-by-side comparison of specs and pricing: Design And Display. The HTC One M9 looks like its predecessor, only more "premium," thanks to the metal construction. LG G4 is the latest flagship of LG and also the second flagship after the LG G Flex 2. On the other hand, HTC One M9 and HTC One M9 Plus are the latest flagships of the Taiwanese brand. Which device has the best specifications among all three devices? В 2015 году часть производителей уже показали свои флагманские девайсы: Samsung анонсировала GALAXY S6 и S6 edge, тайваньская HTC выпустила One M9, а буквально менее двух недель назад LG официально презентовала кожаный LG G4. Карта памяти поддерживается в LG, HTC и Sony. В других смартфонах только собственная память и расширить её никак нельзя, только лишь купив идентичный новый смартфон с бОльшим объемом внутренней памяти. comparison, HTC One M9, LG G4.Viewing angles of LG G4 are better as compared to One M9. The color calibration of both One M9 and LG G4 are poor.

We compare the LG G4 vs HTC One M9, putting their specs and benchmarks side by side including screen, cpu, gpu, camera, battery life and more. The latest flagship devices from Samsung, LG, and HTC have been unveiled.The One M9 continues HTCs tradition of using metal throughout its design, while Samsung took a completely different route, utilizing a ton of glass and metal siding as its materials of choice. LG G4 vs HTC One M9 Mobile Phones Comparison - Compare Size, Camera, Specs, Features, Price of LG G4 with HTC One M9.Highlight Differences. LG G4. HTC One M9. ratings. Overall NDTV Rating. HTC One M9 specs compared to LG G4. Detailed up-do-date specifications shown side by side.Full Differences. Change compare mode.

Compare with Please enter model name or part of it. Экран. LG G4. HTC One M9. Тип екрана. IPS LCD, Сенсорный экран, Одновременное прикосновение больше одного пальца.LG G4. HTC One M9. Мегапикселеи. 16 Мегапикселей. Super LCD3 емкостный сенсорный экран, 16M цветов. Corning Gorilla Glass 4. - HTC Sense UI 7.0.IPS LCD емкостный сенсорный экран, 16M цветов. - LG Optimus UX 4.0 UI. Feature Comparison of LG G4 Vs HTC One M9 Plus.More about. Compare LG G4 Vs HTC One M9 Plus side by side for all differences and similarities in specifications and features to find which is better. HTC One M9 vs LG G5 Comparison Overview. In our detailed review, we will be comparing two Android phones head to head and try to help you find out which is a better smartphone for your needs. But how do they compare?Both HTC and LG have opted for the latter. The LG G4 has a slightly curved build which is designed to make the handset ergonomically friendly, while the HTC One M9s curves are more pronounced. We recently ran a comparison between the Snapdragon 810 and 808 chipsets, using the HTC One M9 and LG G4 as our test subjects. We compared the devices multi-tasking, frame-rates during gaming, while monitoring their temperatures How will LGs new leather bound superphone stack up against the sturdy metal HTC One M9?Two of the big-hitters are the HTC One M9 and LG G4. The flagship models from their respective parents, they have grand expectations weighing them done. The HTC One M9 has a great display, but it stays a bit behind when compared to the LG G4s. And we are not talking only about the resolution (even though it does make a difference). We have said many times that a good 1080p display trumps a crappy QHD screen any day. Compare HTC One M9 with LG G5: advantages and disadvantages of models. HTC One M9 or LG G5: which is better to choose.- HTC One M9 comparisons. Compare HTC One M9 VS LG G4 full specifications side by side. See the common features and the differences that make them better or worse. Compare. Write With Us!Heres the comparison between Htc one m9 prime camera edition vs Lg g4 . The Mobile Phone comparison is based on phone specs, features, complete technical specifications. LG G4 - имеет репутацию не особо надёжного аппарата. Это ещё мягко сказано. Конкретнее - характерный дефект данной модели - это bootloop (бутлуп), а именно - полный отказ телефона включаться.Лично я здесь буду за HTC One M9 - Dual SIM optional (Вариант модели, в которой имеются два слота для SIM-карт.) - LG-H818 LG-H818N - Dual SIM.HTC One M9. Информация на сайте предоставляется по принципу "как есть" без каких-либо гарантий. Сравнение возможностей, производительности, дизайна, аккумулятора, фотокамеры и передачи данных смартфонов: HTC One (M9), LG G4. Сравнение всех параметров HTC One M9 и LG G4: преимущества и недостатки моделей. Что лучше выбрать: HTC One M9 или LG G4. Today we are going to be comparing the LG G4 and HTC One M9 in our specs battle and see which of these two flagship smartphones has the edge. For both these smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge will be their chief rivals Home » Mobile Phones » LG G4 vs HTC One M9 Comparison.LG G4 sports a 5.5-inch Quantum LCD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It is powered by a 1.

8GHz hexa-core Snapdragon processor 808 chipset and Adreno 418 GPU. Benchmarks Real world tests of LG G4 vs One M9. passmark Processor performance including multiple coresData courtesy Passmark.HTC One M9. Report a correction. Follow us. Compare. vs. After the announcement of the two giant smartphones, that is, the LG G4 and HTC One M9 smartphones, we then decided to run a brief comparison review regarding to their specifications. The LG G4 uses a new design which is slightly curved and also brings about 20 increases in endurance Другие мобильные телефоны производства HTC. LG G4 H815. 22 690 28 999 руб. (Средняя цена: 22 900 руб.)Сравнить HTC One M9 Plus с другими моделями от LG Детальное сравнение между смартфонами LG G4 Dual VS HTC One M9 - Подробные технические характеристики сравнить в сводной таблицы изображений, комментариев и мнений. Lets compare the two latest: the LG G4 and HTC One M9.The LG G4s screen is much bigger (well get to that in a minute), but the phone itself isnt much bigger than the HTC One M9. LGs flagship is 3 percent taller, 9 percent wider and just 2 percent thicker. HTC and LGs 2015 flagships showcase very different approaches to smartphone design. .intro Theyre both big names in the Android world, but HTC and LG have always taken radically different approaches to their high-end hardware. And with the arrival of the [ LG G4](/lg-g4) to do battle with the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the only phone in this comparison that has adopted a different philosophy in terms of design compared to its predecessor.Instead, HTC One M9 and LG G4 design borrows a lot from its predecessors HTC One M8, respectively, LG G3. HTC One M9 Plus. No. LG G4. Yes. Remove the battery to switch off your device (Hard Reset) when it freezes.Sign Up : Lightning Fast. Find, Compare and Buy all in one place. Shop in a smart way. Домашняя страница. Телефоны. HTC One M9 против LG G4.HTC One M9 8.32. LG on Tuesday finally unveiled the G4, its flagship device thats supposed to take on the iPhone 6 and top Android handsets from competitors, including the Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 that launched in stores a few weeks ago. LG G4: Compared to HTC, G4 consumes more power.LG G4: LG G4s Dual-Window support and Knock Code are unique features Summary: LG G4 vs HTC One M9. If we compare both the phones, they have specific features that the user will prefer one over the other. LG G4 является высоко оцениваемым смартфоном, в первую очередь, за дисплей с очень высоким разрешением и передовые технологические решения в плане камеры. Однако, если сравнить его с конкурентами, например, с HTC One M9? Justifying its larger footprint, the LG G4 boasts a 5.5-inch IPS display compared to the HTC One M9s 5-inch display. Therefore, you get an extra 0.5-inches worth of display for the extra 4.3mm in height and 6.4mm in width. The recently announced LG G4 and the HTC One M9 are two of the best smartphones you can find outside the Apple-Samsung lockout.Take a look at how each one compares to the other to help you decide the next smartphone for you. LG G4, HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 три самые передовые и лучшие смартфоны 2015 года. G4 имеет отличную камеру и яркий экран, Samsung в модели Galaxy S6 главную ставку сделал на металлический корпус, а HTC M9 может похвастаться камерой с большой матрицей. HTC One M9 vs LG G4: 109 фактов в сравнении. 1. заряд батареи. 5.63 больше емкость аккумулятора.14. имеет заменяемый аккумулятор. В случае поломки пользователь может заменить аккумулятор. HTC One M9. Дизайн LG G4 и HTC One M9. LG в этом сезоне стал единственным передовым производителем, оставившим на флагмане съемную крышку аккумулятора и предоставив широкую палитру оформления своей передовой модели. We compare HTC and LGs Android flagships for 2015, the LG G4 and HTC One M9.Did LG do better with last weeks launch of the LG G4? We find out in our LG G4 vs HTC One M9 comparison. Also see: Best smartphones 2015. The time has come for one of the biggest smartphone showdowns of the year in our HTC One M9 vs LG G4 comparison.Its an improvement, sure, but photos have a tendency to look washed out and lacking in detail compared to rivals, such as the LG G4. В этом выпуске ТехноКонтроль сравнили самые современные Android-флагманы от ведущих компаний: LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, Motorola Nexus 6 и Sony Xperia Z3. One of the biggest Android comparisons of the year. How does the LG G4 compare to the HTC One M9? Watch the videofor a full versus deathmatch of both But how does the LG G4 stack up against the competition -- notably, Samsungs Galaxy S6 , Apples iPhone 6 and the HTC One M9 ?2015 top smartphones compared.