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Apple officially unveiled their new IOS 9.3 upgrade, which includes new settings, features and better security for iPhones and iPads.Apple iOS 9.3: Why You Need To Update Your iPhone Right Now. Apples iOS 9.3 is available today and introduces several new useful, interesting features, including a F.lux-like screen temperature changer based on time of day, password locks for notes, new shortcuts, and more. iOS 9.3. With this update your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gain improvements to Notes, News, Health, Apple Music and a new feature called Night Shift that may even help you get a better nights sleep by shifting the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum at night. iOS 9 launched back in September of last year and it instantly better than iOS 8, thanks to new features that make the iPhone and iPad software easier to use.iOS 9.3 is Apples first major update with brand new features to highlight. Here comes another update from Apple - iOS 9.3 beta. Developers are real lucky folks to experience amazing new features added to their devices.Since we believe in sharing good stuff through this platform, we will take education first. Apple made several product announcements on Monday, but one of the best mightve been the iOS 9.3 update. The software update has cool new features such as Night Shift, password-protected Notes, more new 3D Touch shortcuts and itll even let you save stills from Live Photos. iOS 9.3.2 New Features. iOS9.

3.2 Release Note. How to Download and Install iOS 9.3.2.The main issue that the iOS 9.3.2 update fixes are the issue with iPhone SE not able to pair with bluetooth devices and sometimes experience audio quality issues. Apple Sherlocked f.

lux by incorporating a new Night Shift mode into iOS 9.3.New CarPlay features include enhanced For You and New sections in Apple Music, and a new nearby feature in the Maps app brings better POI support to CarPlay. CarPlay in the new iOS 9.3 comes with more features which include New and For You from Apple Music which includes top songs, artists that are handpicked by experts as well as a selection based on your own personal preferences. Arsenal is still Europes best, on one metric.We run you through the five most important things to know about the new iOS 9.3 operating system.Now, Apple is baking that feature directly into the iOS software—in iOS 9 .3, your iPhone and iPad. New Features in iOS Version 9.3.Car Play support includes new features such as Nearby for finding gas stations and restaurants. iOS includes better support for Education environment making it easier to share and manage iPads. And youll find a preview of new features that will make using iPad in schools easier and better for students and admins. New 3D Touch Quick Actions.With iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2, the iPhone is now able to pair with more than one Apple Watch. New Languages for Siri. InShortViral: Apple has added new feature in iOS 9.3 which is a beta version and currently available for developers for more upgradation.Also Read: The Best iOS 9 Functions You Dont Even Know About Yet. iOS 9.3 new features. The first test version of iOS 9.3 just arrived for all users with feature developer at Apple, and the next version of the operating system is loaded with great innovations, including the highly anticipated night mode for the iPhone and iPad . Check out our video walkthrough of all the best features in iOS 9.3It remains to be seen if all these make it to the final build when Apple releases it to the public. Let us know which new iOS 9.3 feature is your favorite or the one you are most looking forward to. The final version of the operating system is now ready to download, just a few days before Apples new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus hit stores.The feature isnt ready as iOS 11 launched instead, Apple plans to add it with an update later this fall. 29 марта 2016, 20:34. - 0. iOS 9.3 update: Best new features.Apple released iOS 9.3 last week at the same time as unveiling the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7in. iOS 9.3 has finally been released by Apple and should be ready to download to your devices including the new iPad Pro and iPhone 6S Plus if youre part of the beta programme Apple offers. Here are all the key features you need to know about. Apples new iOS 9.3 software isnt exactly what one might consider a major upgrade.But this incremental iOS update packs some really great new features, and well run through all the best ones right here. Update: Apples iOS 9.3 was officially announced at the companys keynote today. Heres everything we know about the new iPhone and iPad update.Plenty of other useful features are here as well: multi-user support for students, Apple Notes locked behind a password (or Touch ID) and tweaked How to take Better Photos with your iPhone!iOS 9.3 Beta 3 Released! New Features Review - Duration: 4:00. EverythingApplePro 185,890 views. What the best features are and where to find themIf you use a 3D Touch iPhone do take a moment to test your apps for 3D Touch support, many Apple and third party apps have added new useful shortcuts within iOS 9.3. Following a lengthy beta period, Apple has now released iOS 9.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 9.3 is a significant feature update for Apples mobile operating system, with brand new additions like Night Shift, Touch ID Notes and more. iOS 9.3 runs on every iOS 9-capable device New features, updates in Apples iOS 9.3. Last Updated Mar 21, 2016 5:30 PM EDT. Prev.Your notes can also now be sorted alphabetically as well as by the date of creation and date of modification. Education. The 6 best new features coming to the iPhone right now.Apple just revealed the biggest changes coming to its newest iOS version 9.3 available for download on your iPhone and iPad today. The third major update to iOS 9 brings with it quite a few significant changes, including a new f.lux-inspired feature meant to help users sleep at night, welcome changes to Notes, Health, News and CarPlay as well as a preview of an all-new Apple has made iOS fans happy with the distribution of their new and upgraded version of Apples Operating System iOS 9.3.Night Shift is one of the coolest features comes with iOS 9.3. Which helps us sleep better. Which has the better features? Which is the most useful to drivers? Read More is still a niche feature that is only just starting to find its way into new cars. iOS 9.3 helps to integrate Apple Music into CarPlay a bit more by adding New and For You sections to the Music app. Whats new in iOS 9.3? The best features. IOS 9.3 has been released by Apple and should be ready rolling out to your devices including the iPad Pro and iPhone 6S Plus. Here are all the key features you need to know about. This week Apple revealed iOS 9.3 and it represents a seismic change in the companys approach to education. But lost among all the upgrades in iOS 9.3 was a brilliant (and much needed) new feature which Apple chose not to mention in its release notesThis sounds good in principle, but victims The upcoming iOS 9.3 update has a lot to offer, so here are the features that you should look forward to: iPhone Notes app. If youre the kind of person that writes down your most private thoughts, youll love this new iOS 9.3 feature. Better Tailored News. iOS 9 introduces a new app called News.In simple words, Apples iOS 9.3 Beta 1 is simply awesome with all these and other new features. You will certainly get a better user experience with the help of this version. A new iOS update is here for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. iOS 9.3 is now available for and includes welcome upgrades thatll help you sleep better and stay organized.Lets take a look at the best new features Apple has given us. iOS 9 Beta 3 New Features Review How To Install Обзор iOS 11.3 beta 3. Обновляемся! | ProTech iOS 9 Beta 3 - Check out whats new! iOS 9 Beta 3 - Whats New Дождались! iOS 9 Beta 5 / Public Beta 3 iOS 11.3 Beta 3 Released - Big. iOS 9.3 includes several new features, including password protected Notes app, a night time color adjustment mode called Night Shift, multi-user support for iPad inThe best way to update to iOS 9.3 on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is through the over the air update mechanism on the device, as so Apple added several new features including support for Verizon WiFi calling, which allows users to better user Verizon services even if coverage is spotty. In addition to the new iOS 9.3 features listed below, there is a major iOS 9.2 bug fix coming in this update according to The Washington Post. The new Apple iOS 9.3 has hit the market, and as expected, the Apple has introduced many enhancements that would make life on an iOS device way easier.Here, we have put together some of the best features thats in store for you in Apple iOS 9.3 Its the best feature found within iOS 9.3.Before the new iOS 9.3 arrived, keeping confidential information in Apple Notes could be a little risky. Anyone could nab your unlocked iPhone and scan the secrets you jotted down. Best Physical Game Controllers For iPhone And iPad. Cant Connect iPhone Or iPad To Wi-Fi? Heres How To Fix It. New Report Details Upcoming iOS 12 Features, New Apple Software Strategy. Apples iOS 9.3 update brings useful new features to iPhone and iPad. Notable ones include Night Shift Mode, Touch ID Secure Notes, Personalized News app, Health app, Nearby for CarPlay, Educational apps and multi-user support for iPads. IOS 9.3 is not your typical dot release. Night Shift, locked Notes, and new Live Photo features give your iPhone more capabilities than ever. Keep in mind that while the new features in iOS 9.3 will be available on all compatible phones, Night Shift requires you to have iPhone 5s or newer.Nope, in the case of iOS, probably better without the update. Just ask all those crippled iOS device users who bought their device before 2015. Night Shift, a major new feature iOS 9.3, is a display-based setting that lets you "warm up" an iPhone or iPads screen at night to cut down on blue light exposure.Apple today made good on that promise and has released a new version of iOS 9.

3, build 13E237, which is now available for all iOS 9 users The news on iOS rolling out iOS 9.3 isnt new. As a matter of fact, the new update alongside the new feature was much talked about when Apple launched the iPhone SE. However, I just got the update on my iPhone well, let me say I just came across it on my iPhone and I guess that makes it new lol. With new features like Night Shift Mode and Touch ID or passcode protection for the Notes app, theres a lot to appreciate. Heres the best five features iOS 9.3 provides and how to use them. One of the most interesting new features in iOS 9.3 is Apples new Night Shift mode.The improvements will include better content curation for a users particular interests, in-line video playback from the news feed, and landscape support for the iPhone. We have been testing iOS 9.3 for you and compiled a list of new and interesting as well as hidden features in the latest version of the iPhones operating system. In this article, we will give you a rundown on which of the features are worth the upgrade in iOS 9.3 and give you an overview of what [Guide] Clear the search history in Gmail on Android and iOS. Best Ethereum wallets for iPhone.In the software department, the stage lights were focused on iOS 9.3 of course, which brings various improvements and some interesting new features. iOS 9.3 brings new features to the current version of Apples mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad.With it, comes Night Shift Mode, Notes Lock, and a whole lot more. We have everything you need to know. How do I get iOS 9.3? Apple introduced a new version of iOS on Monday. The update includes several new features, including updates to CarPlay and HealthKit, as well as a feature to make it easier for iPads to be used in schools for educational purposes.