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How do I unlock it?iphone4s is lock and it says to conect with itunes on the screen how to unlock it. You cant without connecting it to iTunes. Please connect it to your computer and follow the instructions. Because the cable is working fine before itunes update but after fresh installation of itunes it suddenly stopped to recognize my iPhone on itunes.If it found it gives install option, if it is already updated then shows The best driver software for your device is already installed message. You missed the unlock message and your phone is actually ready to be unlocked. The unlock happens when you restore your device - either as an over the air (OTA) activation or tethered to iTunes. This post shows you four ways to unlock the disabled iPhone with or without iTunes.By Lois Green, Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Your iPhone is locked when you see on the lockscreen this message: iPhone is disabled. Read this tip to learn three methods to unlock your disabled iPhone /iPad/iPod.When someone else enters passcode incorrectly for over 5 times in a row, iPhone will show the message iPhone is disabled, try again in X minutes. be,unlock iphone 5s verizon to can the iphone work,unlock iphone 5s verizon to do unlocked iphones,unlock iphone 5s verizon to how to get iphonePlease choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well. You must make a backup with your iPhone in iTunes first before transferring messages to your iPhone. Note: Please make sure that you have turned off the "iCloud Backup"on iPhone and iTunes before backing up in iTunes. Whether you own an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6, 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS, you might get a famous No Service error after jailbreak or unlock.This is very simple if you bypass deleting setup file. after u have bypassed, create a new iCloud ID then connect ur iphone, iTunes will run and fix restore ur carrier. 4.

Во время подключения iPhone к iTunes ничего не происходит и телефон по прежнему пишет — нет сети.Unlock request number: 2031566845. Обсуждение анлока iPhone от оператора ATT (Пост Archidevil 48370197). Самый нижний абзац. how to unlock iPhone with iTunes or wifi? November 5, 2015 by iPhoneUnlock 7 Comments.Your iPhone has been unlocked successfullymessage on Computer / Mac. Perform required steps to configure on phone. Как разблокировать iPhone, iPad или iPod через iTunes. Обновлено: 07 сентября 201631 января 2018 | Автор: Катерина Тараскина.Если у вас есть свои рекомендации по тому, как разблокировать Айфон через iTunes, делитесь ими в комментариях. Top 2. Unlock iPhone Passcode When You Have Previously Synced iPhone with iTunes.

If you have synced iPhone with iTunes, "iPhone is locked forgot password" will not be your anxiety since resetting the password seems to be easier. Unlock Disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes through Find My iPhone.How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Free without/with Backup.How to Retrieve Old or Deleted Kik Messages and Make a Backup. Open iTunes. Turn on the iPhone (it turns on the image with the USB connection message of restoration required)This document, titled "iTunes error - iPhone 3G blocked by a password," is available under the Creative Commons license. How to fix iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected: Remove any USB hubs in the connection between your computer and your iPhone.Save iPhone WhatApp text messages to your computer. Recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone. If you bought your non-contract iPhone 5 from ATT at full price, you probably noticed it didnt come unlocked out of the package. But you can easily unlock it by simply restoring the iPhone via iTunes. After restoring the phone, the user is greeted with the following message Blog > Apple iTunes iPhone Unlock Method- Factory Unlocking iPhones. Backup iTunes before you start. 1.

Please make sure that you are running the latest version of iTunes software on your computer. Now I got an iPhone 6 that is not able to restore. I tried the restore in iTunes and in 3utools. iTunes will stuck for ever (I let it sit for 2The restore gets until the apple logo with progress bar and then nothing moves, no error message from iTunes. As it turns out, unlocking an unsubsidized iPhone 5 is as simple as restoring the device in iTunes. According to TechCrunchAfter restoring the device in iTunes, the user is prompted with the usual unlocking message: Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. UNLOCK iPHONE WITHOUT THE PASSCODE (Life Hacks) - Продолжительность: 6:13 Serum 7 200 562Apple iPhone X DFU Recovery Restore Mode How To iPhone Disabled Message FixiPhone Disabled -- How To Unlock Thru iTunes and PC/Laptop (Part 1) - Продолжительность: 14:43 The next 2 steps are optional to unlock your iPhone, but these 2 steps will make sure that your iPhone is running the latest operating system software.7. Reconnect your iPhone to your computer and wait for iTunes to detect it again. 8. Once your iPhone is detected for 2nd time, the process is completed Googling seems to show that there was supposed to be a "Congratulations your phone has been unlocked" message on iTunes but some people said that newer iPhones (6, 6) dont show this message. Official IMEI Unlock Method will SIM Unlock iPhone 7, 7, SE, 6s, 6s, 6, 6, 5C, 5s, 5, 4s, 4 permanently but the last part of the iPhone unlocking procedure is YOU unlocking your iPhone in iTunes! Know how iTunes activation and unlock works for iPhone. This is important specially when you are looking to get your iPhone factory unlocked using IMEI.How to factory unlock iPhone using iTunes. by Amit Kumar Singh on Apr 20 in iPhone IMEI Unlock. Unlock EMEA iPhone description. There are a lot of iPhones locked to EMEA service.Step 4: Finally, its very simple to complete your unlock, just connect your iPhone to iTunes and you will see the message: "Congratulations! This error message appears even when you: Have connected iPhone to your computer.Follow this solutions and let us know which one fixed the problem for you via the comment section: How To Fix iTunes iPhone Disconnected Problem Forever! Unlocking the device through iTunes is the last vital step to unlocking your device as it does need the approval of Apple. Is there any particular reason in which you want to unlock your device without the iTunes step? Are you unable to connect to iTunes to complete the process? If you see the third message, things are bad: youll be able to unlock the iPhone by connecting it to iTunes, but the data on the phone will be wiped as part of the recovery process, so we hope you backed up. The next 2 steps are optional to unlock your iPhone, but these 2 steps will make sure that your iPhone is running the latest operating system software.7. Reconnect your iPhone to your computer and wait for iTunes to detect it again. 8. Once your iPhone is detected for 2nd time, the process is completed Restoring iPhone to Unlock. Open iTunes on a computer thats connected to the Internet.You should get the following message in iTunes: Unlock Complete. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. In the worst scenarios, the message says iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes, and the device is unusable until then. So, what is going on here, why is the iPhone disabled? And how do you fix it so that you can use the iPhone again? Now there are just a few steps you need to follow to complete the unlocking process. If you have important information in your iPhone, make sure you make a back up of all the data in your iPhone. You can do this by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and select Back up now. There are plenty of ways to learn how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes. Forgetting the passcode of your phone can sometimes be a tedious task. Though, one can easily go for an iPhone or iPad disabled fix without iTunes. Reset or unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes via iCloud.5. Click Erase [device] to erase passcode and unlock the disabled iPhone without iTunes.How to Retrieve Blocked Messages Deleted on iPhone. How to Recover iPhone Data after Restore without Backup. The unlock code actually comes through Apple and is administered through iTunes.There, users are instructed to reseat the SIM card in their iPhone, restore their handset, or contact their carrier if they experience issues with unlocking via iTunes. Entering wrong passcode for the first few times gives you an option to try again after a few minutes, but after you keep making attempts but fail in the end, you get the message iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes. Однако, как сообщает источник, существует более простой вариант анлока iPhone 5, достаточно восстановить телефон в iTunes, и он будет разблокирован. После того, как аппарат пройдет восстановление в iTunes Unlock ATT iPhone for Free. ATT iPhone Contract/Blacklist/Lost/Stolen Checker.How to Fix iPhone iTunes Restore Error (-1) which is Related to Baseband Chip Issue.There are various error messages you can see on iTunes so for an average user, you will need a lot of time to figure out a fix To know how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes, follow these steps: Step 1: Connect your iDevice to your PC, if this is the first time you are connecting to your computer, you must first allow the trust permission on the computer.) Luckily you can still unlock your iPhone through official channels without losing your jailbreak by following a few extra steps.6. Your device will flash words on the screen then reboot. 7. After the iPhone reboots, open iTunes on your computer. Home Unlock iPhone How Do You Unlock An iPhone If You Forgot Your Passcode And Not Synced To iTunes?Your iPhone is disabled for 60 minutes. 10 incorrect goes: You get the message iPhone is disabled. Place your iPhone in Recovery Mode. For an iPhone 8 or higher, youll press quickly the Volume Up button, press quickly the Volume Down button, and then press and hold the Power button until you see the "Connect to iTunes" message—which resembles a power cable and the iTunes Have you ever picked up your iPhone to discover the message iPhone is disabled and to try again in 1 minute or to try again 5, 15, 60 minutes? If your iPhone has been disabled, it is completely locked down. The only way youll be able to use it again is by restoring it using iTunes or iCloud. Hi Simon, thanks for the quick reply however something is still wrong. i downgraded my itunes to 7.4 and followed the procedures above but after the restore wait iTunes prompts this message: The iPhone cannot be restored. Step 4During the setup process, tap Restore Backup to restore iPhone from iTunes backup files and then you can reset your iPhone passcode without losing any data. Part 2. How to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes through Find My iPhone. Форумы Айфон, Айпэд и Макбук Модели iPhone iPhone 3GS. iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes. 1 сообщение Страница 1 из 1.поэскперементировал с другим 3гс (там все равно 4.1 стоит, лежит на полке, ждет анлока) ,схема вобщем следующая: 5 раз подряд можно Re: More iphone unlocking problems. To unlock an iPhone (unlike other phones) youHeres how the iPhone unlock process goes: You can also visit our main Unlock Forum here.Device activation will occur, and you should see that the device is now unlocked via a message displayed in iTunes. Попал в руки айфон, после неудачной прошивки. На экране при включении Please connect to iTunes. Какая была до меня версия и что с ним делали не знаю. Прошивал через итюнс рестор 1.1.4 - без результата, загонял в ДФУ и снова прошивал без результата. Messages.Can I Unlock My iPhone After It Is Disabled? Unfortunately, the answer is no.You can erase your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, but I recommend using iTunes because it always works if you do it the way I describe. Itunes unlock message.? I have unlocked my Att Iphone and the message congratulations your iphone has been unlocked should appear only once.But every time i restore it, it coninue appears and i do not know why it still appear.What shall i do to make it stop appearing?